Business as Usual: the Business of Gradual Transformation, that is

While each country has pending issues that warrant attention on the part of ICT market players, these vary in their importance and impact, and could be relatively minor in the more developed markets.

On the other hand, there are three Latin American markets that are preparing for radical change in the ICT arena during 2018: Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

Argentina heads the list because telcos there will be allowed to enter the pay TV segment in January, and Mexico follows because its famous 700MHz 'shared network' is scheduled to go live in March. Finally, the big issue in Brazil is modification of the general telecom law, which is considered a prerequisite before new investors will consider bailing out fixed line operator Oi.

Brazil and Argentina are also preparing digital agendas that are likely to bring them in line with countries like Chile, Colombia and Peru, whose digital agendas are highly advanced and conform to the concept of transversal 'digital transformation' that is all the rage these days.

Figure - Top LatAm Countries for Fixed Broadband


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