The prevailing perception among participants in BNamericas' Infrastructure Survey 2019 is optimistic regarding investment in projects in Latin America as a whole. At the regional level, the outlook is also positive about the results of a series of presidential elections that took place in the last two years.

Put there are also important exceptions. Looking more closely, relevant variations are apparent when it comes to the different markets, with some countries regaining attractiveness and others that had been the darlings the last few years falling in stature due to adverse local situations or changes in governmental priorities.

There are evils that are difficult to eradicate. The primary one, the ghost of which continues to haunt projects and hinder development, is corruption, but lack of planning is also a major problem. Both are obstacles that authorities must lift to allow the proper development and efficient execution of projects.

These are some of the insights gathered from the responses shared by some 40 directors, CEOs, project and commercial managers, consultants and other executives that represent construction companies, providers of engineering and technological solutions, government agencies and NGOs, as well as a wide range of consulting firms, service providers and financial services companies. The majority of survey respondents has operations in or is focused on all countries in Latin America.

Cover photo: Bicentennial Viaduct in Mexico. Credit: OHL


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