Quest Software: Companies seek to get more out of infrastructure

Bnamericas Published: Thursday, March 12, 2009
Application management software provider Quest Software (Nasdaq: QSFT) believes opportunities are ripe in Latin America as companies seek to get more out of their existing infrastructure rather than make fresh investments during a tough financial year. According to the Mexico country manager for Quest Software, Diana Ibáñez, Quest's tools can help a company monitor its infrastructure, realize that it has surplus storage, database and/or service capacity and take advantage of that. "We see an opportunity because companies are going back and reviewing their processes instead of buying more and more and bigger," Ibañez told BNamericas. Ibañez gave an example of a customer that had deployed 500 servers and did not know if the deployment was working at full capacity, or if there was space available. "With our tools they would be able to get knowledge from their core network in three months, do monitoring and then find there is capacity they could use, and with that information they could rearrange the whole system, consolidate it and redistribute resources," Ibañez said. FOUR PILLARS Quest's North American and Latin American sales VP, Rich Bohne, told BNamericas that of Quest's four main business lines - application management, database management, Windows management solutions and virtualization - the latter is the area with highest growth. The company's best known solutions are the Foglight application management solution and the TOAD database management solution. Quest works a lot with Microsoft and Oracle to help companies that need to upgrade or migrate their infrastructure, Bohne said. "We might have one company buying another and it needs some migration. For example, it might be moving from [Microsoft] Notes to Exchange or Sharepoint," Bohne said. LATIN AMERICA Quest's Latin America director Gustave Jackson told BNamericas that the company just about met its 30% revenue growth target for the Latin American region in 2008 and is optimistic it can match those growth levels in 2009, though he underscored that the company has not yet issued guidance. "We're still pretty happy about where we're going, but we're waiting to see where things are going to be in 2-3 months. But the projects are there and the need is certainly there. There are a lot of technology needs we think we can solve, so we just have to work around what is going on in the economy," Jackson said. Quest has not seen much of a slowdown yet in Brazil, though recent news of cutbacks by some important companies in Latin America's largest country might be an indication of things to come, he said. According to the executive, the top four verticals in Latin America, as in other parts of the world, are oil, banking, telecoms and government. The telecoms sector is particularly strong due to the explosion of the mobile telephony industry, while governments are constantly seeking to improve efficiency and use software for e-government services. In Latin America, Quest operates through three sub-regions: Mexico, Brazil and Multi Country Latin America (MCL), managed from the company's headquarters in California. Brazil has been particularly strong for Quest in the Windows management space, whereas Mexico has been stronger in applications management, Bohne said, for which reason the company sees a lot of potential for growth in Windows management in Mexico. Other countries that have seen strong growth both in terms of revenues and number of transactions are Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and Panama, Bohne said. The company has talked about plans to set up an office to manage the MCL region. However, there is still no specific timeframe, Jackson said.

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