A new charging center for electric vehicles was opened in the center of Montevideo

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Through this mode, all vehicles whose connector is standardized by UNIT, with priority use for taxis, can be loaded. The installation of these loading centers is part of the joint planning between UTE and the Municipality of Montevideo.

UTE carried out the infrastructure works and the installation of the equipment, while the Montevideo administration gave the public space, in addition to the corresponding signage.

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This new electrical supply station allows 6 vehicles to be loaded simultaneously, with an individual power of 43 Kw, through a card that users can purchase through the UTE website, paying the corresponding consumption in the UTE invoice. , or in a bank account. In the near future it is expected that these cards will be delivered with the purchase of electric vehicles.

The loading points now opened on Santiago Street in Chile, will accompany the increase in cargo demand of the electric taxi fleet which will reach 54 units by the end of 2018.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors of UTE Chaired by Mr. Gonzalo Casaravilla, the Mayor of Montevideo Ing. Daniel Martínez, managers and authorities of UTE, Ministry of Industry, and the Intendancy of Montevideo.

The future is electric

Consulted about this inauguration, Casaravilla said that, "this is a dream come true because here, we can visualize what the future is, the next energy transformation in our country, it is the way to electric mobility, one more link in the policies and that we have been working both in UTE and in the government ".

In another order the president of UTE explained that "today 24 taxis circulate in the city and we expect the incorporation of 30 more, in addition to the vehicles with which UTE has." Casaravilla added that, "as demand demands, they will be installed new recharge stations Not long ago it was thought that the passage from the use of fossil fuels to the mode of electric transport was going to take a long time however, currently the reality is different and the world is advancing at a speed much higher than what was expected, "he said.

In the same sense Martinez said that, "Uruguay began an energy revolution that has allowed 90 percent of the Energy Matrix to be renewable today, within the framework of this government policy, electric mobility is promoted, being one step plus".

"Relying less on hydrocarbons allows us to pollute less, while our sources of supply are sun, wind and rain," he said, which generates an environmental impact that contributes to a better quality of life in the cities.

The mayor of Montevideo said that "it is planned to install new charging points for electric vehicles in the city, the head said that," is already thinking of incorporating new stations, as it is put into operation today, in Independence and of the Entrevero ".

This UTE press release was published using an automatic translation system.