Argentina opens financial offers for Chihuido I dam

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Argentine government officials opened financial proposals from four groups to build the 637MW Chihuido I dam on the Neuquén river.

Metalúrgica Pescarmona (Impsa) presented the lowest bid at 12bn pesos (US$1.42bn), according to state news agency Telam.

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The other three bidding consortiums were Helport, Chediack, Panedile, Eleprint, Hidroeléctrica Ameghino, Isolux and Sustenta Inter Rao (14.9bn pesos); Electroingeniería, Hidrocuyo and China Gezhouba (13.8mn pesos) and Hydrochina, Power China, Rovella Carranza, CPC and Holdec Inversora (13.5bn pesos).

The dam will take five years to build and use four 159MW Francis turbines. Works will also include a 160km, 500kV transmission line.

Annual generation will average 1,750GWh, or enough to supply 600,000 homes.

The report also quoted planning minister Julio de Vido as saying that the Atucha II nuclear plant is now operating at 67% capacity and will reach 70% by the weekend.

BNamericas will host its 11th Southern Cone Energy Summit in Lima, Peru, on November 12-13. Click here to download the agenda.