Chile advances transmission bidding

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chile's national power grid coordinator, Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional, has launched an international tender to build and operate 67 transmission expansion works on the new Zonal system, formerly known as subtransmission.

The call for bids follows a process to build 31 new Zonal works, which together with the 67 projects will require investment of US$760mn.

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The government agency also has bidding underway for a package of works for the new main trunk system known as Nacional.

Tender documents and other information on the three processes are available here

In recent days, Eletrans put into operation the 71km 220kV Ciruelos-Pichirropulli transmission line on the central SIC grid.


Forecast energy demand in Chile (SOURCE: CNE, January 2017)

Pictured: Pichirropulli substation (CREDIT: Chile energy ministry)