Chile NCRE capacity tops 2GW

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chile's installed non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) capacity in November totaled 2,052MW.

The bulk of capacity comes from wind (836MW) followed by biomass (461MW), solar PV (362MW), small hydro (350MW) and biogas (43MW), according to a report from the state's sustainable energy promotion and innovation center Cifes.

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Last month, renewables accounted for more than 10% of the country's power output for the first time. Wind led production at 199GWh followed by biomass (173GWh), small hydro (137GWh), solar PV (54GWh) and biogas (22GWh).

Two solar PV plants came online in November, namely, Salvador (68MW) and María Elena (72MW). Two small hydros were also commissioned - Collil (0.3MW) and María Elena (7MW).

More than half of NCRE installed capacity is in regions Coquimbo (592MW), Antofagasta (264MW) and Atacama (245MW), principally solar and wind.

CER adds that in November, NCRE projects environmentally approved but yet to begin work totaled 14,555MW (8,064MW solar PV, 5,195MW wind, 760MW solar CSP, 322MW small hydro, 120MW geothermal, 94MW biomass, 1MW biogas).

Projects under environmental review reached 6,225MW (3,475MW solar PV, 2,209MW wind, 260MW solar CSP, 203MW small hydro, 70MW biomass, 8MW biogas). Projects under construction totaled 1,282MW (873MW solar PV, 165MW wind, 134MW small hydro, 110MW solar CSP).

A report by local energy consultancy Systep highlights that in the next 12 months NCRE capacity is due to come online on the central SIC grid from solar (259MW), wind (172MW), hydro (70.6MW) and biomass (22MW).