Chile opens manifestation of interests for the Technological Institute of Solar Energy

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

With wide call, was made in the Ruins of Huanchaca of Antofagasta the launching of the bases for the manifestation of interests of the Technological Institute of Solar Energy, Mining of Low Emissions and Advanced Materials of Lithium and other materials; where the Executive Vice President (VPE) of Corfo, Sebastián Sichel, presented the general technical details of this stage and the next steps, emphasizing the importance of this initiative for Chile and, in particular, for the Antofagasta Region, with a view to Its definitive installation at the end of 2019.

The RFI seeks to raise proposals from the various sectors, with a view to the next step, the bidding, which will be based on the parameters that this stage throws, that is, in this period the level of the proposals will be measured, so that they are the measure for future adjudication.

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To generate its formulation, institutions and consortiums should consider what is expected of the Technological Institute: industrial research and technological development, technological services, development and strengthening of human capital, dissemination and extension actions, and promotion of entrepreneurship and basic innovation. technological In addition, the call will be focused on three defined areas, solar energy, low emission mining and advanced materials of lithium and other minerals for electromobility and energy storage.

The vice president of Corfo said, above all, that this is a unique opportunity for the country, since we can add to the lithium added value that we never gave to raw materials such as nitrate or copper.

"We must move from protest to proposal, because we regularly complain about why innovation is not generated, why there is no industrial added value and I think the country is in a state of development that has to start making proposals and this Institute is by the Government of President Sebastián Piñera. "

He added that "this is an invitation to the world of Chilean and foreign companies to join in. There are the right incentives for the three major sectors: for the State to establish border conditions, for universities, for them to develop the research they always dreamed, and for the company to contribute, and not only by applying, but participate in co-financing, giving the security and certainty that the incentive is put in that these investigations reach the market solving productive problems of Chile.

The award of the Institute, which will be located in the Antofagasta Region, will be with a maximum amount of USD 193,485,024, over a period of 10 years, and must contemplate a minimum of 30% of average private co-financing.

The Minister of Energy, Susana Jiménez, who closed this ceremony, declared that "we believe that this is an opportunity for the region and for the country, we want to take a step forward in what is modernization in matters related to the solar energy, to mining low in emissions and added value, from the production of lithium and other minerals that are a great input in electromobility and storage.Therefore, given these injected resources for innovation, development and applied technology , to be able to become a true pole in these matters and be leaders at a regional level ".

For his part, the Undersecretary of Mining, Pablo Terrazas, said that "for us as a ministry it is key to promote this type of initiatives, do not forget that we are here in the main mining district of the country, Antofagasta, and remind everyone that this Government It is committed to investment, all this would not be possible if mining did not exist, that is why we are always promoting that it is invested in it and that the projects are made concrete.We have the inputs, the mineral resources, the mining, therefore as a sector we are happy that the industry and the public sector join this initiative so important for the development and future generations of all Chileans. "

From the Regional Government, Mayor Marco Antonio Díaz, said that "Antofagasta today has a fundamental role, in what it is to become a developed country in the next decade." This initiative, whose launch we do today, is framed as a fundamental tool to move from an extractive industry to one that adds knowledge, value, that puts our capabilities at the service of a greater good.What we say to Chile and the world is that we need robust international consortiums in partnership with our local operators and universities, present and say we want to participate, efforts are already on the table and it is time to be protagonists of our history ".

Those who wish to participate in this RFI stage, must be non-profit legal entities, contemplate a regional entity or domicile in the Antofagasta Region (among the associates) and have representation from universities and / or organs of the State Administration From Chile.

This phase ends on May 20, 2019 and the launch of the Request For Proposals or Bidding begins in June, to review the bases enter here .

This Corfo press release was published using an automatic translation system.