Chile's CDEC-SIC to build new control center

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chile's central grid operator, CDEC-SIC, said it will build a US$6mn dispatch and control center (CDC) on the outskirts of capital Santiago.

The growth that the grid has seen in recent years, including from non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) generators, makes the new facility necessary, CDEC-SIC board president Claudio Iglesias said in a release.

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The center's earthquake-resistant design will meet Tier 3 international security standards, Iglesias said. The CDC will include a redundant system of internal networks, as well as better connectivity and technology to facilitate the dispatch of backup energy and services.

CDEC-SIC head Andrés Salgado has also stressed the need to expand and upgrade the grid's infrastructure in order to better manage intermittent NCRE output and address transmission bottlenecks.

CDEC-SIC will allocate approximately US$1.8mn to purchase the land and another US$4.2mn to build and commission the facility. The CDC is expected to become fully operational in 2Q17.