Costa Rica reaches 300 cumulative days of 100% renewable electricity generation in 2018

Thursday, December 20, 2018

On Thursday, December 20, Costa Rica added 300 days of 100% renewable generation during 2018. Since May 17, it has not been necessary to resort to thermal backup - bunker or diesel - to meet the country's electricity demand, which represents more than seven consecutive months without hydrocarbons.

In the total composition of the annual production, the wind was consolidated as the second source in contribution, with more than 15%, behind the water, which functions as the basic resource within the National Electric System (SEN). They are followed in that order by geothermal, biomass and sun.

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When reviewing the 2018 percentage, the country already reaches 98.56% of electricity from the five renewable sources in its generation matrix. With this, Costa Rica achieves an annual accumulation of more than 98% for the fourth consecutive year. In 2015 it reached 98.99%; in 2016 to 98.21%; and in 2017 to 99.67%.

"The numbers indicate that we have achieved stability at the highest point." The correct planning of the system, for example, with the integration of Reventazón, has been vital to become an example for the region and the world, "said Luis Pacheco, Corporate Director of Electricity of ICE.

Until today, the month of greatest electrical generation is October, with 976.78 gigawatt hours (GWh), all of it renewable.

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