Hydro developer eyes Peru's central highlands

Monday, March 20, 2017

Peru departments Apurímac and Huánuco in the country's central highlands have been targeted for the possible construction of six hydroelectric plants with combined installed capacity of 103MW and requiring total estimated investment of US$90mn.

The projects belong to Hidroeléctrica América which submitted preliminary environmental evaluations (EVAP) to the energy and mines ministry.

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An EVAP is used to determine whether an environmental impact assessment, semi-detailed environmental impact study or detailed environmental impact study is required.

The projects are Pachachaca 1, 2 and 3, each of which would be 14.8MW and use water from the Pachachaca river in Apurímac.

And Derrepente 1 and 2, each of 19.6MW, and the 15MW Cayamba would all use water from the Huallaga river in Huánuco.

Previously, the developer filed an EVAP for the 15.5MW América hydro project.

Also from the South American country, Enel Generación Perú said in a filing sent to local securities regulator SMV that its 80.7MW Callahuanca hydro plant went offline after it was "severely affected" by a rise of the Santa Eulalia river and a landslide.

"We are evaluating the magnitude of the damage suffered and the time that the Callahuanca hydroelectric plant will be out of operation," added Enel.