MEM and the International Solar Alliance to promote Renewable Energies in Peru

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and the International Solar Alliance (ISA for its acronym in English) today signed an agreement of inter-institutional executive cooperation for the organization of the Meeting and World Exhibition of Renewable Energies Isa-Peru-Lac (Sun World 2019 ), an event that will allow Peru to become a benchmark country in attracting investments in solar energy and learn about the latest advances in technology for the use of alternative energies.

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The agreement was signed by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes, and the Director General of ISA, Upendra Tripathy, and follows the appointment of Peru as Vice President of the International Solar Alliance for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The holder of the MEM stressed that the Government of President Martín Vizcarra has as state policy "to promote the use of clean, renewable technologies that contribute to the care of the environment" and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

In this regard, he stressed that the opportunity to host the World Exposition of Renewable Energy Isa-Peru-Lac (Sun World 2019), will allow Peru to become a benchmark country in attracting investments in solar energy to achieve greater Harnessing renewable energies. Currently, our country has a total of 284.5 MW of installed power based on solar technology.

"In Peru there is a very rich source of solar energy and now we are channeling the use of it, which is becoming more viable due to the cost reduction." What we seek to host this global event is to promote the development of Renewable energies Peru has been appointed vice president of the Solar Alliance just to fulfill that role, "he said during the ceremony.

Ísmodes Mezzano stressed that this initiative contributes significantly to the State's arrival with energy to the most distant sectors of the country. "We know that there is still an important gap to cover, there are citizens who do not have electricity and as a government we are working so that solar energy allows us to have rural 100% coverage by 2021.", he explained.

It should be noted that ISA is a group of 121 countries with high potential for generating solar energy resources, located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which seeks to deploy more than 1,0000 Gigawatts of solar energy and mobilize more than 1,000 million USD for the solar energy for 2030.

Later, Minister Ísmodes said that there are talks with the president of the Solar Alliance so that the city of Iquitos has an energy supply that replaces diesel with solar energy, since the capital of the Loreto region is not integrated into the city. national electricity system.

"It is an important day because it positions this advance in promoting renewable energies and will allow us to continue towards the goal we have set as Government to reach 2030 with a share of renewable energies in the electricity matrix of 15%"

Sun World Forum 2019

The Sun World forum will develop, in November next year, a ministerial plenary that will have meetings that will allow the establishment of business networks and capacity building with the private sector.

Likewise, it will allow to contrast the advancement of the insertion of solar energy and its implementation in the Latin American region and position Peru as a solar technology hub, with leadership in the development of capacities at a regional level and model for Latin America of the implementation of solar technology .

Finally, the Vice Minister of Electricity, Patricia Elliot, said that the MEM and the Government are committed to making this event a success and that Lima will become the Solar Capital of the World in 2019.

This press release from Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines was published using an automatic translation system.