Mexico City streetlights upgrade, Greenpeace urges renewables use

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mexico City's government will spend 2.6bn pesos (US$200mn) to upgrade street lighting in some 1,500 neighborhoods.

The network upgrade involves replacing 80,000 primary street lights, around 15% of which do not currently function properly, website Ferriz said, citing a state news agency Notimex report.

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Some 400,000 secondary street lights, of which around 20% are out of order, will also be replaced.

The upgrade will generate energy savings of around 24%, the city's mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said. The work is scheduled to be completed within a year.


Environmental pressure group Greenpeace, meanwhile, called on Mexico to increase its green energy use. It launched a balloon in Mexico City bearing an energy campaign slogan.

Greenpeace spokesman Miguel Soto said in a press release that the idea was to send a message to legislators and the public in general.

Now that the secondary energy reform legislation is being discussed in congress, it is necessary to remind people of the country's wealth in terms of wind and solar energy, and energy generated from waste, he said.

Until now, he added, Mexico's legislators have ignored renewable energy, designing a state policy that institutionalizes the destruction of the environment and the expropriation of lands for the extraction of hydrocarbons and "false" economic growth.