Mexico, US, Canada work to boost energy cooperation

Monday, December 15, 2014

Canada, Mexico and the US are working to enhance energy cooperation to build "the most competitive and dynamic region in the world."

Leaders of the three nations want to create a more secure and integrated North American energy approach, the Canadian government agency Natural Resources Canada said in a release.

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Energy ministers, in a meeting, agreed to strengthen government-to-government relationships and support business-to-business engagement in the energy sector, it added.

Canada's natural resources minister, Greg Rickford, said: "We must enhance our trilateral energy collaboration in a way that supports North American energy security, jobs and environmental protection.

"North American energy independence and security are within reach, and we are proud to be a part of the strategic trilateral agenda in support of this attainable goal.

"North America is a secure, responsible and reliable producer and supplier of energy. We have deeply integrated economies, abundant reserves, shared critical energy infrastructure and common values that underpin our strong collaboration."

The agency said Canada, the US and Mexico have a global competitive advantage, which is enhanced through greater cooperation.

Ministers have formalized trilateral cooperation in three strategic areas:

1. Developing North American energy public data, statistics and continental mapping of commodities and infrastructure.

2. Responsible and sustainable best practices for the development of unconventional oil and natural gas.

3. Modern, resilient energy infrastructure for North America in all aspects – physical infrastructure as well as institutional infrastructure such as policies, regulations, workforce, innovation, practices to promote energy-efficient goods and services, and sustainable technologies.

Mexico's environment and natural resources ministry (Semarnat) in November signed up to the voluntary national development register of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (Nama), part of a project launched by the Canadian government agency Environment Canada, Mexico and other stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.