Uruguay to export natural gas surplus

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Uruguay's Gas Sayago and Argentine state oil company YPF signed an MOU to commercialize the natural gas surplus to be produced by the LNG regasification plant GNL del Plata, according to a government release.

Expected to be online mid-2015, the plant – located near Montevideo – will have the capacity to produce 10Mm3/d of natural gas.

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In the first three or four years, production will exceed local demand by 50%, according to Uruguay's state oil company Ancap, "that means the potential to commercialize 5-6Mm3/d" Anacap's head José Coya said. The surplus gas will be exported to Argentina.

Next week, Gas Sayago will sign a similar deal with Brazil-based Sulgás supply Rio Grande do Sul state, though on a smaller scale.

Gas Sayago is a joint venture between Uruguay's state power and oil companies UTE and Ancap.