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Energy Minister traveled on Chile's first intercity electric bus

Bnamericas Published: Friday, February 22, 2019
Energy Minister traveled on Chile's first intercity electric bus

The machine has an autonomy of 250 kilometers, technological elements such as reading light, air conditioning, USB charger for cell phones, entertainment system on board and WIFI released.

The Secretary of State also carried out an energy efficiency activity for 300 families in the commune of Santa Cruz.

During her visit to the O'Higgins Region, the energy minister, Susana Jiménez, led the route of the first electric interurban bus that began operations today, being Plaza Los Heroes, in Rancagua, the place chosen for the end of the first travel with passengers on the route Santiago-Rancagua / Rancagua-Santiago.

In the activity, the Secretary of State was accompanied by the Minister (s) of Transport and Telecommunications, José Luis Domínguez, by the intendant (s) of the O'Higgins Region, Ivonne Mangelsdorff, the Energy Seremi, Pedro Pablo Ogaz, the mayor of Rancagua, Eduardo Soto, and executives of the companies Turbus, Copec and Vivipra.

The bus, brand King Long 6130 and manufactured in China, has an autonomy of between 200 and 250 km, being more energy efficient than a diesel, and can go and return to Rancagua with the same load.

It also has a series of safety elements, such as current and fire-fighting systems, tire pressure monitoring system, and an energy storage system using high-voltage batteries with a total capacity of 314 KWH, of the which only 80% will be used, leaving the other 20% as reserve energy.

The machine has a floor and 42 reclining seats with armrests and various technological elements such as reading light, air conditioning, USB charger for cell phones, entertainment system on board, and the first in the fleet to have WIFI released for passengers, between other news

Minister of Energy: "This milestone puts Chile in the international vanguard"

The Minister of Energy, Susana Jiménez, stressed that "the start-up of the first electric intercity bus in Chile marks a turning point in the electrification of public transport in regions.This milestone puts Chile, therefore, at the international vanguard, since the electromobility of mass transport in the world has developed, with few exceptions, only at the urban level ".

The electric bus is part of the private public agreement to boost electromobility signed on December 5 between the Ministry of Energy and 38 companies and institutions.

The Minister (s) of Transport and Telecommunications, José Luis Domínguez, stressed that, "Chile is emerging as a world reference in issues of electromobility, we already committed a goal of State, which is to make all Chilean public transport fully electric Towards the year 2040, so initiatives like this, reaffirm a cross commitment for the care of the environment and a future led by clean energy. "

For its part, the mayor (s) of the Region O'Higgins, Ivonne Mangelsdorff, said that "we are very happy because it allows us" to promote the use of electric transport that comes to lower pollution rates and also, to give this integral look that the Government has asked us to be able to strengthen the use of energy resources through electromobility ".

The mayor of Rancagua, Eduardo Soto, stressed that "the beginning of public transport to the city of Rancagua by way of electromobility undoubtedly constitutes an important milestone in what should be the future in terms of transport not only public but also The fact that Turbus, a national leader company in passenger transport and whose links and roots in the city of Rancagua, in one way or another, also required them to be pioneers in the transport sector. We congratulate the initiative and without a doubt this is in line with the new provision and what one as an authority expects to be transforming our city, the region and the country, in such a way to use environmentally friendly means and that Let us also contribute to the care of our planet Congratulations again, this is very good news and I believe that this joint work of the Ministry of Energy with this company and with Service providers are going in the right direction. "


As part of its activities in the O'Higgins Region, the Energy Minister also participated in the training and delivery of Efficient Kits to 300 families in the commune of Santa Cruz, which was held in the Auditorium of the municipality.

This initiative is part of the Energy Efficiency Program "With Good Energy" that aims to transfer knowledge and experience in the area of energy to generate a potential decrease in residential energy consumption, considers a workshop on home energy efficiency, the delivery of a certificate of participation and a pack of energy efficient devices.

The minister stressed that in Congress a bill is being negotiated that has, as major objectives, the institutionalization of energy efficiency; promote the management of energy in large industrial and mining consumers; deliver information to home buyers regarding their energy consumption; promote energy management in the public sector and encourage the renewal of the vehicle fleet with more efficient vehicles, among other topics.

"But beyond the laws that can be made, the most important thing is to generate a cultural change, in which we can incorporate energy efficiency from the earliest age in our activities, which is why this Good Energy program that we created in the Ministry of Energy, and which aims, precisely, to unite under the same umbrella all actions in the various energy consumers, such as industrial, residential, vehicular, state, to generate the cultural change we need as a country and society, " said Minister Jiménez.

In the same line, the mayor (s) of the O'Higgins Region said that "the delivery of these 300 kits to families in Santa Cruz is a very important milestone because they will benefit from this replacement of ampoules and also with this training that will help them to be able to save more energy and to be able to reduce the electricity bills, we are interested that they can make an important domestic saving but above all taking care of the environment and worrying about the renewable energies that today leads us to the future, we have to educate to our children, to our children, to make an important cultural change ".

Finally, the mayor of Santa Cruz, William Arévalo, stressed that "we are very happy that the Ministry of Energy, through its" Con Buena Energía "program, delivers efficient kits in Santa Cruz, as it is essential for Our management supports this type of initiatives, which seek to raise awareness about the rational and efficient use of energy resources, so that families can reduce their energy consumption in their homes, save on their electricity bills and improve their quality of life, thus generating a cultural change in the matter and a cleaner environment to live ".

This Ministry of Energy release was published using an automatic translation system.

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