The National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy (INEEL) and the University of Birmingham, England, are developing the project: "Energy storage systems: a priority in Mexico", the objective is to identify energy storage technologies that provide benefits in communities of Mexico.

The implementation of technologies that take advantage of renewable energy sources are a key element in the transformation of the energy system towards a more environmentally friendly system. However, one of the limitations of the use of solar energy and wind is its intermittence. That is, energy can be obtained from these sources only at the time when the resource is available.

Energy storage technologies can manage a balance between supply and demand. However, these technologies are very diverse and provide specific services with their own development barriers. For a community, for example, it is necessary to perform an analysis of energy systems on a smaller scale. In this way, technological alternatives that provide them with greater benefits can be determined, depending on the specific needs required by the community and its available natural resources.

In this project, through an analysis to different localities, it was determined that an appropriate study area would be the community of Tlamacazapa, in the state of Guerrero. This community has several lags in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization. However, to identify the potential developments of appropriate energy storage systems it was necessary to conduct a series of interviews with the inhabitants and authorities of the community. In this way, their specific needs were known and it was possible to identify in what way, having access to more energy, could provide them with various benefits. In general, different needs associated with the use of energy were detected, some of the main ones being in terms of health, employment, safety, education, environment and leisure.

The following activities in the project will be focused on identifying energy storage technologies specific to that community.


This project is of a social nature, will help guide technological innovation to meet the priority needs of the population, as well as provide technical assistance to communities to improve their quality of life. INEEL has specialized personnel that seek technological innovation for the benefit of society. For its part, the Energy Storage Studies Center of the University of Birmingham has extensive experience in energy system assessments and energy policy recommendations.

The University of Birmingham finances the project through the Institutional Links Newton Fund program .

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