Argentina's convergent bill delayed

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Argentina's ministry of modernization has launched a new consultation process around legislation for convergent communications to allow telcos to operate multiple services under a single license.

The new public consultation and drafting process will be carried out during 180 days after the announcement in the official gazette on December 27 of resolution 694/E2017.

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The news comes as legislation goes into effect allowing Argentine telcos to start offering pay TV, and therefore, quadruple-play services.

The legislation applies to the greater Buenos Aires metropolitan rea, and the major cities of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Rosario, as well as any other city with over 80,000 residents and without a pay-TV co-op.

The new competitive scenario will favor Telecom Argentina in particular, which is in the process of merging with pay-TV giant, Cablevisión.

Telefónica and Claro can only offer pay TV via satellite at the moment, given that the capillarity of their fiber is insufficient to provide cable TV.

While Enacom said it would authorize telcos to offer satellite TV before the end of 2017, this has yet to happen. It is expected in the coming days.

At the end of December, Enacom approved the merger of Telecom Argentina and Cablevisión.