Google brings 'fact checking' to Latin America

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Google has brought its fact-checking news feature to Latin America after launching it last October in the US and UK, followed by France and Germany.

The initiative, which consists of a 'verification label' for the news under the Google News service, was initially activated in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

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In these countries, Google has closed partnerships with independent fact-checking agencies. They are: "Chequeado", in Argentina; "Agência Lupa", "Aos Fatos" and "Agência Pública", in Brazil; and "ChecaDatosMx" and "El Sabueso" in Mexico.

Users will come across the "verified label" on tagged articles in the expanded story box on, in the Google News and Weather iOS and Android apps, according to a Google Brasil blog post.

"In recent years, we have sought to give space to different types of information and to categorize them on Google News with different labels ranging from local press to satire, to content generated by the users themselves. The new fact verification label is one more step in that direction," the company wrote.

Google added it aims to take the feature to other Latin American countries soon.