Mexico to make capital's airport project more transparent

Friday, April 21, 2017

GACM, the state-owned group building Mexico City's future international airport, has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Institute for Access to Information (INAI) to enhance transparency, access to information, accountability and open government practices in regard to the construction of the mega airport project.

Under the agreement, INAI will provide training in transparent practices to GACM personnel to promote compliance with Mexico's existing legislation on the matter and consolidate the airport project as an example of open government, INAI said in a statement.

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"This agreement shows the commitment a major state-owned enterprise has in regard to open government," said INAI director Ximena Puente. "A project of such great importance becomes an opportunity for the public to witness the development of every construction stage, and to know what resources are being allocated and how, in a completely transparent manner."

Enhancing transparency in regards to availability of the information related to the construction of the project as well as improving personal data protection and accountability were included in the recommendations for the development of the airport that the OECD proposed in 2015 – and reaffirmed in a document last year.

Federal authorities have said that the construction of the airport sets a benchmark in terms of facilitating public access to project information, given that it is the first project of its kind to make all associated information, in areas such as contracting and construction, available to the public.

As for GACM, the future airport operator has lauded the transparency and accountability of the project's procurement process, in spite of the questions raised by some lawmakers and the news of a potential investigation on the project's contracting practices.