Mexico unveils post-quake hospital investment for Puebla state

Friday, October 6, 2017

Mexico's social security institute IMSS pledged a 1.4bn-peso (US$75.2mn) investment to repair and expand hospital infrastructure in Puebla state that was damaged by the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck the country's central area on September 19.

During a visit to the state Thursday to meet with local authorities, IMSS director Mikel Arriola said 1.3bn pesos of the investment will be used to build a new facility to replace the San Alejandro hospital, which suffered significant damage.

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The San Alejandro hospital is the biggest in the state.

Another 60mn pesos will serve to repair damaged operating rooms at IMSS' general zone hospital in the municipality of Metepec.

The remaining 40mn pesos will be used to carry out rehabilitation works at different facilities, including the Las Margaritas hospital in the state's eponymous capital, another facility located in Teziutlán, and a thid hospital located in Tehuacán, the state's second largest city.

While the San Alejandro hospital replacement project is under construction, other hospitals in the state and in neighboring Mexico City will tend to the affected patients, Arriola said.

PICTURED: IMSS director Mikel Arriola (right), Puebla state governor Antonio Gali (center), and federal health minister José Narro (left) visit a hospital damaged during the September 19 quake. CREDIT: IMSS.