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More than 22,000 Peruvians will access telecommunications services for the first time

Bnamericas Published: Friday, December 02, 2022

MTC press release

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December 2, 2022 - 10:22 a.m.

"Approximately 22,000 Peruvians will benefit, for the first time, with 4G mobile or fixed services (Internet and mobile telephony), through the 2022 coverage fee mechanism, promoted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and that will allow the installation of a cellular base station in localities located in rural areas, which will promote their development”, reported Minister Richard Tineo.

At the end of May of this year, the four operators with the largest participation in telecommunications services in the country (Telefónica del Perú - Movistar, América Móvil Perú - Claro, Entel Perú - Entel and Viettel Perú - Bitel) signed addenda with the MTC, to install a cellular base station in 172 localities for the provision of mobile or fixed 4G services, within a maximum period of one year, counted from the subscription of the aforementioned addendums.

“We work hand in hand with private operators to encourage them to implement fixed or mobile 4G antennas in areas where there is currently no type of service. Companies under the coverage canon mechanism can allocate up to 40% of the estimated collection of the annual canon, for the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure,” said the general director of Communications Programs and Projects, Juan Carlos Villalobos Chumpitaz.

In this regard, he added that, according to the reports of the operators, 32 locations have been served, 2 of which are located in Áncash, 1 in Apurímac, 4 in Cajamarca, 7 in Cusco, 1 in Huancavelica, 1 in Huánuco, 7 in Piura, 1 in Junín, 1 in La Libertad, 6 in Puno and 1 in Ucayali, which will benefit a population of approximately 5,015 inhabitants.

It is necessary to indicate that this mechanism corresponding to the year 2022 will allow the installation of cellular base stations in rural localities of Cusco (39), Huancavelica (25), Cajamarca (23), Ayacucho (20) and Piura (20). In addition, in Apurímac (14), Puno (9), Áncash (6), Huánuco (4), Amazonas (2), La Libertad (3), Arequipa (1), Junín (1), Lima (1), Loreto (1), Moquegua (1), Pasco (1) and Ucayali (1).

"We work on the true decentralization of the country, providing resources that citizens need to boost their economic activities and improve their quality of life," said Minister Tineo about this modality that the MTC has been promoting.

work together

Meanwhile, at the level of operating companies, Entel has a commitment to deploy 60 antennas, Movistar 47, Bitel 37 and Claro 28, according to the addendums that were signed for "coverage fee" for this year.

It should be noted that, in April 2022, the installation of the last base station corresponding to the "2021 coverage fee" program was completed, which benefited more than 38,000 inhabitants, who accessed 4G mobile and/or fixed services. (internet and/or mobile telephony).

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