Argentina launches first-ever deepwater seismic shoot

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Norwegian geophysical data firm Spectrum launched a 35,000km, multi-client, deepwater 2D seismic survey off the coast of Argentina.

The survey, which covers a 435,000km2 area, is being carried out in cooperation with national oil company YPF and the energy and mining ministry, Spectrum said Thursday.

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The data acquisition "will provide [the] industry with the first-ever detailed seismic grid over this underexplored frontier area of Argentina, allowing for basin-wide studies of the area," Spectrum said in a statement. "The new data will be utilized to assist the ministry in placement and design of parcels for future license rounds offshore Argentina."

The first deliveries of data are expected in early Q4.

Citing that there has been no deepwater exploration in Argentina to date, the company's EVP multi-client Americas, Richie Miller, said the survey "will soon allow Spectrum to offer a modern 2D library from French Guiana through Brazil to the edge of the Malvinas [Falkland] basin offshore Argentina."

The ministry in February granted permission for the Spectrum survey, as well as a separate one for YPF covering an area of 532,693km2.

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