Pemex Logística and API Salina Cruz sign a contract for the partial transfer of rights

Friday, October 26, 2018

In order to continue in the development and operation of the Port Storage and Services Terminal Salina Cruz, Ing. Virgilio Andrade Díaz, head of the Storage and Port Services Management of Pemex Logistics and Engineer Ángel Pérez Cantú, General Manager of the Integral Port Administration of Salina Cruz, signed a contract of partial transfer of rights and obligations for the use and exploitation of a Federal Maritime Operation Zone with validity of 10 years.

This area has a surface area of ​​3,124,313.06 m² that houses facilities in operation for the shipment of oil that are operational maritime areas, operational docks, three monoboyas, two conventional moorings, a dock under construction and protection works.

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The elaboration of this contract was carried out in a multidisciplinary manner where the legal, technical and commercial aspects were thoroughly reviewed, so that within the regulatory framework that regulates the work of both institutions, the necessary conditions for competitiveness, security, protection environmental and especially the promotion of public-private investment, meeting the business environment that has generated the implementation of the Energy Reform and the establishment of the Special Economic Zone of Salina Cruz.

With these actions, PEMEX adheres to its 2017-2021 Business Plan, having the conditions to be a company that offers services profitably and competitively, always for the benefit of its customers.

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