New platform in Peru to make the environmental assessment process more agile and transparent

Thursday, August 23, 2018

This press release from Senace was published using an automatic translation system.

The new Senace IT Platform, called EVA, came into operation, which aims to make the environmental assessment process more agile and transparent. Thus, the Senace becomes the first entity in the environmental sector to be zero paper and one of the first in the government to have interoperability with other entities.

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The following procedures may be processed through the Senace IT Platform: Evaluation of the Detailed Environmental Impact Study (EIA-d), modification of the EIA-d, the Sustainability Technical Report (ITS); Classification of investment projects and approval of terms of reference; and the Global Environmental Certification (IntegrAmbiente), among others. The process is automated from the entry of the document, the evaluation to the directorial resolution, including the opinions of other entities.

"We are proud to present the new Senace IT Platform, funded by the Canadian Cooperation MEGAM Project for more than S / 1,450,000, which allows the Senace to achieve more autonomy, improve technology and gain agility and transparency," said Patrick Wieland, head of the Senace.

The use of this platform, created by the company Cibernos Consulting, will be done in a gradual and orderly manner. It will have a trial period during the next three months in which its use will be voluntary. After this period, use will be obligatory for all the procedures indicated above.

EVA has as main advantages interoperability with other entities, use of digital documents with legal value (digital signature), use of geo-referential complements, internal monitoring of files and control panel, use of mailbox / notification box, security and scalability , decrease of time in search of documentation, and use from mobile devices.


With EVA, Senace will promote the provisions of Supreme Decree N ° 008-2018-MINAM, for the implementation, operation and interoperability of the Information Platform of the Single Window of Environmental Certification managed by Senace, thus promoting the environmental assessment be more efficient and really digital.

It is important to remember that this initiative is the result of coordinated work coordinated with the Digital Government Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the ministries and entities that participate in the environmental assessment, demonstrating the commitment of the State to work as a team for the benefit of all Peruvians.