Bolivia launches three road tenders

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bolivia's highway authority ABC has launched three road tenders to improve connectivity in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz departments, according to government documents.

ABC is tendering the construction of a 591mn-bolivianos (US$85mn) highway stretch between Yapacaní and Ichilo, with bids due on October 21.

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The state road agency is also tendering the construction of a 31km highway between Ivirgarzama and Puente Chimoré for US$61mn. Bids are due on October 29.

ABC has also launched a tender for 477mn bolivianos for the construction of a road between Angostura and Paracaya, with bids due on October 31.

Bolivia is investing heavily in upgrading its poor road infrastructure, as only 10% of its roads are paved, one of the lowest rates in Latin America.