Paraguay awards roadworks for US$124mn

Monday, October 20, 2014

Paraguay awarded two road projects for 531bn guaraníes (US$124mn), public works ministry MOPC said.

The first project involves building the Curuguaty-Villa Ygatymi-Ypehú stretch of the Departamental highway, which was awarded to a consortium made up of Tecnoedil and Constructora Mendes Junior Trading e Engenharia. The initiative is valued at 301bn guaranies.

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The second project entails revamping the road that connects the cities of Villeta and Alberdi, which was awarded to Constructora Hesecke for 231bn guaranies.

Both projects will be financed by loans from the development bank CAF.

MOPC is on a tendering spree. Just last week, it awarded two other projects for nearly US$40mn.

The latest tenders bring MOPC's total infrastructure investments so far this year to US$470mn. They are expected to reach nearly US$1bn by the end of 2014.