Paraguay infra roundup: Investments, tolls, PPPs, Metrobus

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paraguay's public works and communications ministry (MOPC) invested US$262mn in public infrastructure through September this year, up 46% from the same period last year and 100% higher than the historical average, the ministry announced on its website.

MOPC is accelerating public investment, with US$500mn in tenders called for projects this year, minister Ramón Jiménez Gaona said. The goal is to get to US$1bn.

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The amount of tolls collected by MOPC is 138% higher this year through September, deputy finance minister Roberto Enrique said on MOPC's website.

The ministry has brought in 15.463bn guaraníes (US$3.4mn), compared to 6.490bn guaraníes in the same period last year. The funds will go towards maintenance and signage along 2,000km of roads, while signage for another 2,000km is outsourced to third parties.


Paraguay's government is working to ensure that the country's first public-private partnership (PPP) is developed by year-end, MOPC minister Ramón Jiménez Gaona said.

The project would be for highway expansion works along routes 2 and 7, running from the city of Ypacaraí until kilometer 183, he added, but did not specify the price tag.

Other works that Paraguay is looking to develop under the PPP scheme include the expansion of capital Asunción's Silvio Pettirossi airport, which may take place in 2015.


Works on the BRT system Metrobus in Asunción, which have been delayed for more than two years, may begin during the first half of 2015, according to deputy transport minister Agustín Encina.

A team of MOPC technicians is working on defining exact needs and updating the process, which has been deemed eligible for funding by the IDB, according to a release from MOPC.

If all goes as planned, Metrobus would start operations in the second half of 2017.