São Paulo governor unveils plan to boost water supply

Friday, November 7, 2014

To combat water shortage in Brazil's São Paulo state, governor Geraldo Alckmin announced a plan that includes building water reservoirs and wastewater treatment plants in the metropolitan region of state capital São Paulo.

A total of 169mn reais (US$70.4mn) is planned for 2014-15 to build 29 steel reservoirs to expand the Alto da Boa Vista water supply system by 10%, according to a state government release.

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Nine reservoirs are due to be built by December, another 10 by March, and the remaining 10 by the end of next year, the release said.

Two treatment plants will also be built to treat wastewater that will be released into the Cotia river and Guarapiranga reservoir, both of which make up the water basin supplying the region.

Following another treatment process to be carried out by state water utility Sabesp, water in the basin will be used to supply the local population with potable water.

The new treatment plants, which should be up and running by December 2015, will boost water supply by some 3,000l/s, according to the release.

The region's main water supply system – Cantareira – was at 11.6% of capacity on Friday.