São Paulo's US$1bn waterworks budget not enough, says association

Monday, November 3, 2014

São Paulo's 2.6bn-real (US$1.08bn) 2015 waterworks budget is not enough to tackle the current water crisis in Brazil's most affluent and populous state.

That is according to São Paulo's association of public works contractors (Apeop), local consumer defense group Idec said in a release.

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"Of the total, 1.5bn reais has been earmarked for sewerage works and only 1.1bn reais for water supply," said Apeop president Luciano Amadio.

The budget is worrying as annual investment of some 5bn reais is needed over the next five years, said Amadio, who represents 110 local engineering companies.

According to water utility Sabesp, however, the amount is only a forecast under the state government's investment plan and is not the utility's final 2015 budget, the release said.

As São Paulo is going through its worst drought in history, 2015 should actually see more investments in water than in sewerage, says Sabesp.