Santa Fe opens the offers for the second stage of the Gran Rosario Aqueduct

Friday, November 9, 2018

Statement from the Government of Santa Fe

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Improve the supply of drinking water in Rosario and localities of the Gran Rosario. "All these works are part of an aqueduct plan carried out by the province of Santa Fe and that is really impressive because of its magnitude," Lifschitz said.

Governor Miguel Lifschitz, along with the ministers of Economy, Gonzalo Saglione, and Infrastructure and Transport, José Garibay, participated this Thursday in the act of opening tenders for the construction of the second stage of the Gran Rosario Aqueduct.

The work will allow an integral improvement of the potable water supply to the city of Rosario and, in addition, will reinforce the entire Greater Rosario, including Ricardone, Timbues, General San Martin Port, San Lorenzo, Fray Luis Beltrán, Captain Bermúdez, Baigorria Grenadier, Ibarlucea, Funes, Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Roldán and Pérez.

The bidding contemplates a term of execution of works of 24 months, with an amount of official budget of $ 1.785.781.248.

"This work is a technical challenge and a major engineering work that involves the expansion of the water treatment plant with a new module in Baigorria Grenadier and an aqueduct that runs parallel to the Avenida Circunvalación to Provincias Unidas and will reinforce the entire supply system for Rosario Thus, it will practically improve the situation of the neighborhoods that have difficulties and will even improve to the south the provision to Villa Gobernador Gálvez and, on the other hand, it will allow the connection to cities such as Pérez, Ibarlucea and Roldán that today have serious difficulties In addition, it will supply the San Lorenzo aqueduct, which is currently underway, with enough water, which reaches this city and allows the supply to the cord to be improved, "said Lifschitz.

"All these works are part of an aqueduct plan that Santa Fe province is carrying out and which is really impressive due to its magnitude and the number of families that will be benefited throughout the provincial territory."

"This work, in addition, has a particular way of contracting because it is not a classic tender but also incorporates a component of financing from companies to accommodate the investment adequately to the budget of the province of Santa Fe and we can start it At a time when we not only need water but also need jobs, this modality comes to meet both objectives, "he concluded.

Meanwhile, Saglione said: "The opening of envelopes shows the complexity involved not only the execution but also the price of the work itself, which also includes a financing proposal from the participating companies. positive results and that we can assume because Santa Fe has a fiscal solvency that is not new, but that also characterizes us in relation to what happens with the other provinces of the country. "


Five bidders were submitted to the tender: CSCEC LTDA - PECAM SA; Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch Und Tiefbau GMBH & CO; RIVA SAIICFA - Projection Electroluz SRL - CN SAPAG SA, CCF, II and E. UT; Obring SA - Werk Constructora SRL - Gran Rosario Aqueduct UT; and Goetze Lobato Engenharia SA


Of the activity, carried out in the Headquarters of Government of Rosario, also participated, the senator by the department San Lorenzo, Armando Traferri; the mayor of Pérez, Pablo Corsalini; the secretary of Public Works of the municipality of Rosario, Raúl Álvarez; and the chairman of the board of Aguas Santafesinas SA, Sebastián Bonet, among other provincial and municipal authorities.