Insurance companies play a key role in covering risk inherent to project finance, the process through which debt is repaid with cash flows generated by large-scale projects.

The information they acquire from being closely involved in these initiatives, coupled with the need to extend their business reach given the low profitability being experienced by the insurance industry, are factors that could push insurers to assume a more active role in the medium and long term in the process of underwriting and syndicating of project finance, a role currently played by banks.

In the short term, those participating in the project finance market in Latin America, rather than competing, plan to seek greater synergies between insurance companies and banks. From offering new products such as credit insurance for project finance to buying debt for their investment portfolios, insurers have several ways in which they can adjust their role to work more in tune with banks in such projects.

This report will identify the role of insurance companies in project finance in Latin America, in addition to describing the size of the market and the reasons for its growth. We will also report on the potential for insurers as providers of project finance and their relations with banks in these projects.

Figure: Project Finance in the Region


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