Distributed generation took a huge leap in Brazil in 2018. According to ABsolar, the Brazilian Solar Energy Association, by the end of the year, installed capacity from the country's photovoltaic distributed generation facilities had reached 501MW. At the end of 2017 the figure was 184MW.

Although it represents only a fraction of the total photovoltaic capacity installed in Brazil at the end of 2018 (1.6GW) and barely a drop in the ocean of total capacity (157GW), the strong growth reflects a market with high electricity prices and a degree of uncertainty. More than half of the power installed in distributed generation systems in Brazil corresponds to the commercial and industrial sectors.

Although the Brazilian example is the most notable due to its size, distributed generation has also shown signs of growth in other Latin American markets and, being in its infancy, appears set for rapid expansion across the region.

Source: BNamericas


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