While the outlook for transport infrastructure in Latin America appeared positive last year, those participating in the BNamericas 2015 Infrastructure Survey are even more enthusiastic about this year's prospects, given the quantity of investment projects underway in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Most of our respondents, representing mainly engineering, construction and technology solutions firms, either have operations in or focus on those five countries.

Overall, responses reflect the demands of the private sector for long-term policies, efficient rules and regulations and greater transparency, especially when they are being called on to participate in public-private partnerships (PPPs) and concessions.

If their main concern previously was what they saw as the bias of governments toward building highways, they now point to the urgent need for improved water infrastructure in a region that cannot keep ignoring its water problem.

The focus of interest of companies and investors in the industry is also mass urban transportation systems, such as metros and bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, given the urgent needs of capitals and major regional cities to transport more people and with better quality facilities.

The infrastructure shortfall in the region is compelling. The participants in our survey describe as "fair" or "poor" the overall quality of infrastructure in the countries where they are present, with notable exceptions.

Figure: Infrastructure Survey - Types of Companies which Participated


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