Most countries in the region are setting aside 700MHz spectrum for wireless data services, and auctioning or assigning the spectrum to the active mobile operators in their markets, but Mexico is unique in allotting the spectrum to a single entity that will then lease capacity out to any other carrier, starting year-end 2018.

This is a fairly extreme example of something that is happening to a lesser scale in other Latin American countries and by a different means - operators sharing their infrastructure in order to mutually enhance their coverage quickly, and to reduce expansion costs.

In the case of equipment-sharing agreements between operators, this generally affects a small percentage of each operators' total coverage, but operators have handed over much larger swathes when it comes to the towers and compounds that host their antennae and related equipment.

This could be seen as an evolutionary step up from the idea of roaming, where operators allow visiting clients from another service provider to connect via their network, but also heralds further evolution towards the idea of fully handing network operations over to a third party, which already occurs in the case of MVNOs.


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