With the February 26 ruling by US telecoms regulator FCC in support of Net Neutrality, OTT service providers in the US should in theory have more room to perfect each business case, and the apparently endless scope for Internet of Things (IoT) service scenarios suggests that we can expect a similar infinity of firms presenting solutions.

Even before Latin American governments have determined their own take on Net Neutrality, which could well be influenced by the FCC case, we have already seen that the Southern Hemisphere is a valid market for M2M solutions and services proven in the developed world, as well as being a source of solutions itself.

However, many of these solutions are adaptations of existing devices or modules developed by industries with no experience of connectivity, and more importantly, no experience of thinking about the security concerns implicit in data traffic between different systems, or different entities even.

At the recent 2015 Security Analyst Summit hosted by cyber-security firm Kaspersky Labs, there were several sessions dedicated to vulnerabilities in automated systems that depend on web access, which are arguably the precursors of what will become the IoT. In many cases it is the telcos' infrastructure that provides the entry point for hackers.


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