Our aim with this survey was to explore issues relating to the trends that are expected to come to the fore in 2015, as covered in our October Telecom Intelligence Series report. These trends include M2M services, Digital Terrestrial TV, operator consolidation and MVNOs.

Invitations for the survey were sent during November and December to our network of experts, resulting in 42 responses.

The breakdown of respondents was 47.6% Suppliers (such as network hardware, software and device vendors), 28.6% Peripheral players (such as government and analysts), and 23.8% Carriers, including industry associations.

Within each group the respondents were too varied to create more specific groups, except for network hardware suppliers (21.4% - almost half of the Suppliers) and Industry Analysts (12% - almost half of the Peripheral players).

Also, 62% of respondents represented multinational organizations headquartered outside Latin America, and 38% were from organizations that originate from the region. Responses from the multinationals rarely differed from the overall consensus, but filtering for the 'LatAm origin' respondents did provide one or two occasions when they deviated significantly from the consensus.


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