Chile recently ousted Uruguay as the Latin American nation with the highest percentage of broadband users connecting at 4Mbps or faster, boasting 62% of connections in that bracket.

Also, in the 12 months leading up to March 2015 the average fixed broadband connection speed in Chile rose to 5.7Mbps up from 3.3Mbps in 1Q14. This puts Chile in second place in the region, behind Uruguay, according to Akamai.

And when combining mobile internet plans with fixed, Chile leads in the region in terms of internet access per 100 inhabitants at 74.6% of the population.

Chile is evidently not resting on its laurels either. The government regularly revamps its Digital Agenda, and is currently converting the previous government's 2013-2020 plan to a new 2015-2020 plan.

Although Chile lagged behind a number of neighbors - particularly Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil - when it came to launching LTE, Telefónica expects Chile to be one of the first Latin American countries to upgrade to LTE Advanced, most likely starting in 2016.

In this report BNamericas looks behind the glossy exterior and contemplates the areas that Chile's telecom segment is still struggling to perfect.

Figure - Internet Penetration 2014 vs 2019

Figure - Fixed Broadband Market Shares


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