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ICT: The week in 10 stories
News ICT Brazil

ICT: The week in 10 stories

TIM Brasil drafted an offer to acquire Nextel Brasil. Also, Amos Genish, CEO of TIM Brasil's parent company Telecom Italia, was ousted from his role. In Chile, antitrust tribunal TDLC ratified a supreme court ruling that orders Chilean operators to return spectrum won during a 2014 tender.

Headway: Mobile takes lion's share of LatAm gaming revenue
El Salvador reforms telco law to protect users
Mexican 4G access stalls as AT&T speeds plummet
Brazil regulator sets reference prices for wholesale telecom services
Digicel says debt talks 'going well' despite new deadline extension
Google reportedly to take submarine cable to Cuba

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Data Glance: Brazil fixed telephony
Local-level permits could hinder LatAm 5G deployment
News ICT Mexico

Local-level permits could hinder LatAm 5G deployment

Many countries in the region decide infrastructure permits at municipal level, which could prove to be a challenge in view of increased demand of transmitters and fiber optics required for 5G, according to José Otero (pictured), Latin America and Caribbean director for industry group 5G Americas.