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Cativen I-II hydropower project

Project Stages

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Early Works
Awaiting construction decision
Start: 11/2012
Completion: 07/2017
In Construction
Current Stage Under Construction
Start: 08/2017
Completion: 07/2021
In operation
Project Details


Cativen I-II, part of the 43MW Lavasen-Quishar hydro project, is a small-scale hydroelectric initiative that will generate electricity from the Lavasen and Quishuar rivers in order to replace the use of diesel generators of the mining company Poderosa S.A. and provide electricity to the surrounding villages. Cativen I will have a net head of 578m and Cativen II, 555m. Both will have a flow rate of 3.1m3/s.

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Key Specs

Full Name
Cativen I-II hydropower project
Project Type
Development Phase
Under Construction
Project Status
Project Capacity
29  MW (megawatt)  Hydro
US$ 69mn
Completion Date

The Cativen I-II hydropower project is planned for the districts of Condormarca and Pataz, in provinces Bolívar and Pataz.

* The map coordinates represent the approximate latitude and longitude, and not the exact location of the project.

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Owner / operator
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Project Coordinator
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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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