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Aguas Andinas (Aguas Andinas S.A.)


Aguas Andinas - Aguas Andinas S.A.

Chilean water utility Aguas Andinas, which serves the Metropolitan region including capital Santiago, is the country's largest sewerage and potable water utility, serving some 1.8mn clients and benefiting about 6mn people. It holds a 42.7% market share. The utility is currently building an underground wastewater pipeline to channel the wastewater that was being dumped into Santiago's Mapocho river. The initiative aims to turn the city into Latin America's first capital to treat 100% of its wastewater. It currently treats 86% of the wastewater it produces. The company also controls water utility Essal, which serves over 600,000 inhabitants in regions X and XIV in southern Chile. Other subsidiaries include water utilities Aguas Cordillera and Aguas Manquehue, the latter serving part of the metropolitan region and over 17,000 residents in Chicureo, Colina, Huechuraba, Lampa, Los Trapenses, Santa María de Manquehue and Vitacura with a drinking water coverage of 100% and sewerage coverage of 99.3%; and the country's largest industrial wastewater treatment operator, EcoRiles, which currently operates plants for clients in Chile's agriculture, mining, chemical and wine industries. Aguas Andinas is controlled by Spanish group Agbar through special purpose company Inversiones Aguas Metropolitanas (IAM).

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Aguas Andinas Data and Contacts

Name: Aguas Andinas
Address: Avda. Presidente Balmaceda 1398
City: Santiago,Región Metropolitana
Country: Chile
Phone number: 56-2-26881000
Fax: 56-2-24962777
Sector: Water & Waste
Subsectors: Construction/Engineering

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