Manage and improve your business process with Pipeline

Stay up to date on thousands of opportunities for your company in the region with a tool designed to optimize efficiency in the development of new deals. With Pipeline you can:

Pipeline. Shown are different projects organized by stages such as

Manage everything all in one place

If a company or project profile is of interest to you, click on the "follow" option and it will automatically appear in your Pipeline. From there you can organize opportunities as "lost" or "won" as your business process progresses.

Shown are notifications that appear when there is an update for a project in Pipeline.

Stay up to date throughout the process

Pipeline will send you notifications each time there is news or an update related to the projects you follow, keeping you informed of the context and prepared for contact with your prospects.

Example of key contacts involved in a project or company.

Access exclusive key contact information

With Pipeline you can access contact information for executives within companies and projects you follow, making it easier to connect and close a deal.

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