Electric Power
Enel Green Power

James Lee Stancampiano

Head Business Dev. South America - Enel Green Power

The mix of industry news, project info and reports produces interesting business opportunities in the main countries of the growing region & economy and to be up to date with the events

"My team has reaped tremendous benefits from this well researched market intelligence and networking platform!"

CG Power Americas 

Sandeep Chakravarty

President - CG Power Americas 

"I use BNamericas report platform to keep the pulse of the electric market in Latin America. The quality of the information and timely delivery is crucial to understanding the ever changing landscape of the energy markets in the region"

Fluence Energy

Ismario Gonzalez

VP Business Development, Latin America & Caribbean - Fluence Energy

"I’ve been using the BNamericas tool for a couple of years and have found it to be extremely useful and efficient in comprehensively aggregating the most relevant industry news under one roof."

Electric Power
Atlas Renewable Energy 

Carlos Barrera

CEO  - Atlas Renewable Energy 

"I have been using BNamericas’ services for many years.I have found it very useful to monitor the activity in the region and contributed to make better and informed business decisions. I would highly recommend the services!"

AES Mexico

Juan Ignacio Rubiolo

President and CEO - AES Mexico
  • AES
  • Enel
  • Fluence
  • Atlas Renewable Energy
Financial services
Mizuho Bank

Yae Uchida

Project Finance - Mizuho Bank

Mizuho has been a client of BNamericas for several years now and the experience with BNamericas has been great.

"[BNamericas] gives us all necessary specific market/industry information to anticipate any market trends or strategic moves from our clients in the region."

Natixis Bank

Adam Jean Philippe

Head of the Latin America Platform - Natixis Bank

"At a corporate level, SMBC has come to depend on BNamericas as it is a valuable resource to which to turn for daily intelligence information and monitoring of projects in the region."

Department SMBC

Carl Adams

Managing Director and Head of Latin America - Department SMBC

"I have used BNamericas as my key tool of specialized information since I took responsibility over the region three years ago."

Financial services
Avatar testimony

Pablo Maudes

Managing Director and Head of Project Finance Latin America - Crédit Agricole CIB

"MUFG Bank New York division gets Latin America industry information for our internal analysis from BNamericas."

MUFG Union Bank


Latin America Corporate Banking Team - MUFG Union Bank

"I recommend BNamericas for being a great source of information that complements our analyses."

MUFG Union Bank

Ron Dadina

Director - MUFG Union Bank
Financial services

Alejandro Marmorek

Executive Vice President - AON

I have been a BNamericas fan for over 15 years. When it comes to our industry, BNamericas insight leads in Latin America. I constantly ask my team to use the industry information to learn more about the opportunities in the region. In a world where we are inundated with data, you need a dependable site for analysis and summaries that allow you to be a more effective

"There is ample information on number of companies and projects, and the project profiles have proven to be very helpful. Settings alerts is also very easy and efficient, as it allows you to have direct access to the targeted information and a deeper analysis with a simple click."

BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking

Structured Debt Origination, Export Finance Latin America
  • Morgan Stanley
  • BNP Paribas Corporativa e Institucional
  • Macquarie
  • Mizuho
  • MUFG
  • SMFG
  • Natixis
  • ING
  • Marsh
  • Willis towers watson
  • MetLife
  • AON
  • Goldman Sachs
Financial services

Jim Collins

Director of Energy Markets, Americas - Microsoft

The team at BNAmericas is always available to answer any of my questions pertaining to their published reports. Further, the platform is easy to navigate and very user friendly.

"We rely on the service daily, to obtain current information on the latest trends, which help us understand how digital can benefit the end consumer in each industry."


Paula Amador

Director of Marketing Communications - NEORIS

"BNamericas is a great source of business information and a must read for executives in Latin America."

SAP Latin America & Caribe

Claudio Muruzabal

President  - SAP Latin America & Caribe

"BNamericas is the go-to website to gauge the impact of infrastructure issues on complex industries such as ICT. Their journalists and analysts have an advanced knowledge of the important issues, with reporting that covers corporate strategies and their repercussions, and is backed up by data and stats."

Financial services

Jesus Romo

Director  - Telconomia

"The ICT and telecoms insights, news and data they generate and the quality of the executive network of users and subscribers they have built is first class."

NEC Chile

Herve Delhumeauo

Head of Strategy and innovation - NEC Chile
  • Intelsat
  • Celistics
  • Neoris
  • SAP
  • DirecTV
  • Amdocs
infrastructure industry
Avatar testimony

Mario Baeza Vasquez

Senior Partner - Rio Indomito

The BNamericas team is a clear example of a client-oriented organization and a benchmark when it comes to updated and reliable information. I appreciate their services and strongly encourage others to do so.

"I have been a BNamericas subscriber for more than five years, relying on the information and the latest news on infrastructure and mining – all areas where the business I work for is active in Latin America... BNamericas has become my source for information and news to support decisions and plans."

Komatsu Mexico

Jaime Soto

President and Director - Komatsu Mexico

"As a subscriber of BNamericas, since long ago, we have been making well use of its information on countries and industries in Latin America to understand the market and learn more about the business opportunities"




"We especially value the reports with emphasis on the sectors of our interest and the periodicity of updates, which facilitates the identification of key aspects for the analysis of our external environment and to identify signals for the development of our business strategy."

infrastructure industry

Beatriz Lopez Valencia

Vicepresidencia Estrategia - ISA
  • Astaldi
  • Acciona Agua
  • Chec
  • Tensar
  • Alstom
  • PP
  • CRSC
  • Gripple
  • Ghella
infrastructure industry
Yamana Gold

Roberto Alarcon

Vice President, Legal & Land, South America - Yamana Gold

BNamericas should be mandatory reading for every person involved in the mining industry in South America.

"I've been a subscriber of BNamericas for over 10 years and across different organizations within the mining industry...It's usually a first choice for information on new and existing projects."

Caterpillar Global Mining

Othon Diogenes

Regional Management - Southern Latin America - Caterpillar Global Mining

"Credibility of information is fundamental and BNamericas provides this quality"

 Latin America Alstom

Michael Boccaccio

Senior Vicepresident Alstom -  Latin America Alstom

"I have no hesitation in recommending a subscription to BNamericas for anybody with business interests which fall within the scope covered by BNamericas, as I am sure it will help you identify prospects and increase business, as it has done for us."

infrastructure industry

Jeffrey Dawes

President and CEO - Komatsu

"BNamericas has become part of my daily information flow for the last four years. Its factually based and up-to-date, conciseinformation gives me relevant news at a glance."

 Anglo American Copper

Hennie Faul

CEO: Copper - Anglo American Copper
  • BHP
  • Nexa
  • Panamerican
  • Barrick
  • Codelco
  • Teck
  • Kinross
  • Caterpillar Global Mining
  • Anglo American
Oil and gas industry
Turner & Townsend

Mark Wainwright

Managing Director, Natural Resources - Turner & Townsend

We have been subscribers for the last three years. We use the projects database extensively and found it very useful. We also value the interactions with the BNamericas team in terms of their intimate knowledge of the markets in region

"BNamericas can be relied upon to deliver pertinent, well-curated information that fits seamlessly into the daily routine. The industry news and business intelligence are presented in a format that is easy to take in at a glance, and they help keep me well-informed"

BHP Billiton

Daniel Malchuk

Presidente de Operaciones - BHP Billiton

"BNamericas is an essential source of information for the transport market in Latin America: it provides updated information on tenders, contracts in execution, clients, partners"

Alstom Latin America and Alstom Brazil

Michael Boccaccio

SVP President - Alstom Latin America and Alstom Brazil

"BNamericas allowed us to quickly create a project database that was used to set up a strategic development plan in the region and define priorities for commercial actions by country and by market."

Oil and gas industry
Geocean Entrepose

Dimitri Laurent

Sales Manager Latam - Geocean Entrepose
  • Parker Drilling
  • Geopark
  • Gran Tierra Energy
  • Exxson Mobil
  • Inpex
  • Jogmec
  • DEAG
  • Schlumberger
  • Statoil
  • EcoPetrol

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