Water & Waste

Saneago (Saneamento de Goiás S.A.)

Saneago - Saneamento de Goiás S.A.

Mid-western Brazil's Goiás state water utility Saneamento De Goias (Saneago) is engaged in the supply and treatment of water, and collection and treatment of sewerage, serving 225 of the state's 246 municipalities. The company also offers wastewater treatment services. It provides water services to 4.7mn people, and sewage collection and treatment services to a population of some 2.1mn. The company's projects include a basic sanitation project which aims to improve sewerage services in the northeastern region of state capital Goiânia. Besides benefiting nearly 140,000 residents with sewage collection and treatment, the sewerage project aims to help improve the quality of the Meia Ponte river, into which treated effluent will be released. The utility expects to reach 95% wastewater collection and treatment in Goiás once work is completed in two years' time. Saneago was founded in 1967 and is based in Goiania, Brazil.

Saneago Data & Contacts

Name Saneago
Address Av. Fued José Sebba #1245, Jardim Goiás
City Goiânia , Goiás
Fax 55-62-35222613
Website http://www.saneago.com.br/
Sector Water & Waste
Subsector Financing

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