Ministry accelerates environmental remediation process that will be carried out in lots 192 and 8

Friday, June 1, 2018

Press release from the Ministry of Energy and Mines

In the framework of compliance with the agreements signed by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) and Amazonian indigenous organizations, the aforementioned portfolio informed the representatives of the Corrientes river basin of the details of its commitment to finance the Independent Technical Study ( ETI) for the environmental remediation of lots 192 (ex 1AB) and 8, located in the Loreto region.

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"Product of the dialogue was agreed the preparation of the ETI with the objective of proposing strategic guidelines for the remediation of the impacts caused by oil operations," said Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes, during a meeting held in his office in San Borja with the regional governor of Loreto, Fernando Meléndez, and the apus of the indigenous communities of the Corrientes river basin.

Ísmodes explained that the Minem finances the realization of the ETI as a mechanism that generates confidence and contributes with the environmental remediation of the lots 192 and 8. In this sense, to date the TSI is in execution for Lot 192, in charge of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with financial resources transferred by the Minem.

As a result of this study, one of the products that will be developed is a proposal of Terms of Reference (TOR) for the development of the ETI in Lot 8. Such proposal will be ready by July 30 next.

It should be noted that Minem has included in the 43rd supplementary provision of Law 30693 (Public Budget Law for Fiscal Year 2018), the forecast for the future allocation of the financial resources necessary for the execution of the BAT of Block 8.

According to the Minister of Energy and Mines, for the elaboration of these TOR of lot 8, the participation of the communities located in that area will be counted.

It should be noted that, in response to the information provided, and for an effective follow-up and fulfillment of the pending tasks, it was established to hold a meeting on August 14 in the Loreto region, with the purpose of presenting the proposal of the ToRs prepared by UNDP. In this meeting the progress in the evaluation of the PDS of Lot 8 will be presented.

Likewise, it was reported that to date the rehabilitation plans of 32 impacted sites, located in lot 192 and in the upper basins of the Pastaza, Corrientes and Tigre rivers, are in preparation. These correspond to an initial package of prioritized impacted sites, in which other places will be incorporated progressively, according to their identification by the OEFA, according to the regulations that regulate the subject.

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