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María Elena thermosolar plant

Project Stages

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Early Works
Current Stage: Awaiting construction decision
Start: 07/2013
In Construction
In operation
Project Details


María Elena will feature four independent plants spread over an area of 2,897ha that will be built in two stages. Each plant will comprise heliostats mounted on double-axis PV trackers that will capture and reflect the Atacama desert's rich solar radiation onto a collector tower. The concentrated radiation will be used to heat thermal fluids made up mostly of molten salt, which then will be used to produce steam, allowing the generation of electricity through a steam-turbine generator. The project includes a double circuit 220kV transmission line that will run 17.5km to the Encuentro substation, injecting the produced power into the country's Great Northern Interconnected System (SING) grid.

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Milestones Log and News

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Key Specs

Full Name
María Elena thermosolar plant
Project Type
Development Phase
Awaiting construction decision
Project Status
Project Capacity
400  MW (megawatt)  Solar
US$ 3.29bn
Completion Date

The María Elena thermosolar project is planned for the district of María Elena.

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Owner / operator
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Group President
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