Mexico advances electric vehicle charging station buildout

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mexico's state utility CFE, in conjunction with automaker Nissan and local infrastructure firm ​Grupo Indi, has opened two more electric vehicle charging stations in capital Mexico City.

The stations, which use technology provided by Schneider Electric, can recharge electric or hybrid vehicles of any make and are free to use. Both are located in an underground parking lot at the Revolution monument downtown.

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Electric vehicles take between three and four hours to charge and hybrids around 90 minutes.

The stations were financed by Nissan Mexicana, while the electricity used will be provided by CFE, which is also providing the technical knowhow. Grupo Indi will pay for power consumed, CFE said in a release.

There are currently 291 recharging stations installed in Mexico, of which 122 are located in Mexico City, and the CFE plans to open 30 more in the coming months as part of the government's plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 51%.

The CFE inaugurated two charging stations in the western state of Jalisco in June.

CFE chief executive Enrique Ochoa Reza also said special meters will be installed in the homes of electric vehicle-owners so that they are billed separately for the electricity they use to charge their cars.

Ochoa Reza added CFE is considering building a central power station that uses renewable energy sources to generate electricity for the country's vehicle charging stations.