Colombia unveils plans for 11mn smart meters

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Some 11 million Colombian households will boast advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems by 2030 under plans announced by the mines and energy ministry.

The forecast was included in a resolution published this week that outlines mechanisms for the implementation of AMI systems by electric power utilities.

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"With this measure we seek to reduce costs in the provision of electricity services in the country through the incorporation of new technologies that will facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency schemes, demand response and time charging models and tariff baskets," minister Germán Arce Zapata said in a statement.

He added that by 2030 the government aims to provide AMI systems to 95% of the country's urban households and 50% of rural consumers.

The systems will include smart meters, communications networks and data management systems that enable two-way communication between distributors and customers.

Energy and gas regulator Creg will have 12 months to establish conditions for the implementation of AMI systems by utilities within the national grid, the ministry said.

More information, in Spanish, can be seen here.