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Paraguay receives 20 offers for roadworks in Misiones, Cordillera and Caaguazú

Bnamericas Published: Thursday, November 17, 2022
Paraguay receives 20 offers for roadworks in Misiones, Cordillera and Caaguazú

By Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay

This is a machine translation of the original press release issued in Spanish

A total of 20 construction firms are competing to carry out the rehabilitation and improvement works with asphalt folder of more than 70 kilometers of roads between the departments of Misiones, Cordillera and Caaguazú.

This is call MOPC No. 93/2022 “...for asphalt paving works in the departments of Misiones, Cordillera and Caaguazú-Road Directorate – Ad Referendum to the approval of Loan Contract”, published on the portal of the National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP) with ID No. 419394.

Of the total, six firms quoted for the 4 lots and were: Caldetec Ingeniería SRL with a total bid of G. 225,124,186,771, the Compañía de Construcciones Civiles SA that bid for G. 256,560,558,822, the IM Consortium (Miguel Ángel Chávez Hausman – Construction Initiatives Joint Stock Company), whose quotation was G. 247,491,207,098, as well as the Vial 14 de Julio SA – Teco SRL Consortium (14 July SA – Teco Limited Liability Company) which proposed G. 229,336,185,8.

The list includes the Tape Guasu Consortium (Chávez Construcciones SAI – Construmaq Sur SRL) with G. 232,719,834,026 and, finally, the GV Consortium (Carlos Vicente Gueyraud Caballero – Vial Sur SA) whose economic proposal was G. 243.600.279.989.

It is worth noting that none of the bids reached the estimated overall amount of about G. 277,894,920,611, that is, there were quotations below the reference price between about 7.6% and almost 19%.

For their part, Benito Roggio e Sons SA, Tocsa SA, Technology of the South SAE, LT SA, Constructora Heisecke SA, Construpar SA and the firm MM Joint Stock Company, approached their proposals for lots 1, 2 and 3 while, Constructions and Viviendas Paraguayas SA and TR Construcciones SA, applied for lots 2 and 3.

Meanwhile, Constructora Feldmann SA and Sociedad Técnica de Construcciones SA (Sotec SA) have an interest in building lots 3 and 4; Concrete-Mix lots 1 and 3; Ecomipa Lot 4 and Acaray Construction SA Lot 2.


This project consists of 4 lots identified as follows: Lot 1 starts at the intersection with the road PY04, called Ybyraty intersection, and extends heading towards the district of San Juan Bautista until km 18.62 of the route, where it joins with the bridge over the Aguaray stream, totaling 18.62 km of this first stretch.

This is followed by Lot 2 which runs from the latter bridgehead to km 38.69 of the said stretch where it merges with the existing asphalt communicating with the urban sector of the district of San Juan Bautista, thus adding 20.07 km more of pavement to the project.

The third lot, for its part, plans to intervene a stretch of 5.35 km between km 38.69 and km 44 and includes The construction of a new a variant of 6.2 km that will improve the route between the district of San John the Baptist and the national route PY0

Finally, Lot 4 covers about 20.30 km of the stretch connecting Mbocayaty del Yhaguy with the district of San José de los Arroyos.

The opening act can be viewed here.

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