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Gartner - Gartner, Inc.

Gartner Group provides research and analysis on the computer hardware, software, communications and related information technology (IT) industries. The company is organized into four business segments: research, consulting, events and TechRepublic. Research encompasses products which, on an ongoing basis, highlight industry developments, review new products and technologies, provide quantitative market research, and analyze industry trends within a particular technology or market sector. Consulting consists primarily of consulting and measurement engagements, which provide comprehensive assessments of cost performance, efficiency and quality for all areas of IT. Events consists of various focused symposia, expositions and conferences. TechRepublic consists of an IT professional online destination with revenues consisting primarily of web-based advertising. In Latin America the group has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

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Gartner Data and Contacts

Name: Gartner
Address: 56 Top Gallant Road
City: Stamford,Connecticut
Country: United States
Phone number: 1-203-9640096
Fax: 1-203-3166878
Sector: Info. Technology
Subsectors: Consulting/Research

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